DarkRP Rules

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Since the old MOTD got fucked.... here we go! ~~~~THIS WILL MOST LIKELY GO UNDER REVISIONS~~ Current Version:1.1
Rules Created by Volvo and Ratified by high staff.
Owner: TnA.Swamp, Co-Owner: Luna Super, Admin: Lewop Nivad, Staff Manager: Volvo, Co-Staff Manager: Pianopro
Do not RDM(Random Death Match).
New life rule is 3 minutes and you cannot go back to where you died until that time is over. When you die you remember nothing from your past life.
Do not FailRP. (Talking while dead is FAILRP)
Never enforce rules by killing. Call a staff member and we will take care of it.
Do not kill, mug, raid, kidnap, build or do any other RP related actions in spawn.
Do not argue with a staff member.
Respect fellow players and staff members.
Use common sense.
Fading door/One way abuse is not allowed or permitted
Do not mic spam. This includes voice changers and soundboards.
Do not spam chat.
Do not advertise for servers, youtube channels, or websites.
Read your job description.
Do not expect an admin to take any action for any situation without substantial proof.
Do not tell players false rules.
Do not impersonate any players or staff members.
English only.
Do not avoid a punishment.
Do not hack or use exploits.
Do not use ooc for roleplaying. Use /advert instead.
Do not build in another players base without their permission.
Do not self-supply.
Do not abuse your job.
Do not attempt to prop block, prop spam, prop climb/surf, or prop kill.
Do not rope spam.
Do not spam your flashlight or camera.
The Default DarkRP laws are always in effect.
if an admin finds what you are doing unacceptable, you MUST stop, whether stated in the rules or not.
You must own every door in the building(s) you are basing in
If you are building you can put a building sign up and no one is allowed to raid you
Building signs and KOS signs must be above 75 font size and must be in an obvious place.
You are not allowed to have a building sign up if you have raidables such as (guns, printers, etc.)
You are not allowed to have a building sign up if you are not building.
There must be at least one entrance to your base.
You can have a maximum of 4 fading doors per base.
You must have enough room between each faiding door to fit one player.
You cannot have entities in your base while building. (Anything spawned VIA F4 menu)
You must have one keypad/button on each side of a fading door that is within sight of the fading door.
Your fading door must open for a minimum of 4 seconds.
Cops must have a valid reason for requesting a warrant.
Cops and the mayor work for the government and cannot base, own printers or possess drugs.
The mayor cannot post un-realistic laws or post laws that interfere with the default laws.
The mayor cannot make a player or group of players KOS. Making a law or enforcing a law like this is not allowed.
No random arresting or stun sticking.
You can set-up checkpoints to check for weapons, but a player is allowed to kill you if you attempt to weapon check them.
If you die all warrants you knew about in your prior life are VOID.
Cops and swat must enforce the default laws if there is no mayor.
Read your job description before becoming that job.
Hobos are not allowed to own doors or own any guns
Hobos can build anywhere but cannot base in a building or in someones base.
Pets cannot own guns, only knifes.
Hobos can not have printers.
PD cannot own personal weapons.
Hitler has to be warned before he stops slapping.
You must advert raid.
All players of a group raid must advert raid.
If there is a building sign at the base you are not allowed to raid that base.
You must advert raid off after you die or finish the raid.
If you die during a raid (including the people protecting the base) you cannot come back until the raid is over.
You have to advert mug.
When you advert mug it must include the amount of money and the time they have to drop it.
Maximum mug is 10,000 and if it is higher and you kill someone it is considered RDM.
You can only raid the same person every 10 min.
Lock picking, keypad Cracking, and stealing stuff without calling raid is not allowed.
If you are raiding the PD you must advert PD raid.
You must advert carjack before stealing a car.
You can only carjack every 5 minutes.
You can only kidnap every 5 minutes.
You must advert kidnap and include what the restrictions are(ex. /advert Kidnap your hands are tied together and you are gagged.)
If you kidnap someone you must provide a ransom.
Maximum ransom amount is 50 thousand dollars.
You must release the kidnapped player if ransom was payed.
You can only hold someone for a maximum of 10 minutes.